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Asimeto Measuring Tools

ISO 17025 Calibrated 2 Year Warranty

About Asimeto

Asimeto was founded in 2007 by renowned German metrologist Manfred Eisinger. Since then, the company has rapidly established a reputation for manufacturing high performance precision tools and solutions and delivering them at unexpectedly affordable prices.

Asimeto continues to win market share by applying German metrological design, American technological innovation, and Asian manufacturing competitiveness across a broad range of integrated precision solutions, distributed through a global network. Every tool is ISO 17025 certified for dependable accuracy and to ensure calibration is compliant with the regulatory requirements of each local market. Increasingly, Asimeto is the choice of engineers the world over including companies like Volkswagen, Guhring, and Boeing. We invite you to discover why.

To supplement the industry standard 12 month warranty an additional 12 month warranty is available by registering your individual purchase online at within 30 days from the date of purchase.