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How to Choose the Right Cutting Tools for Your Shop

In the manufacturing environment, using the right tools is a critical component of success – especially when it comes to cutting tools. Knowing this, however, doesn't necessarily make choosing the right tool easy. In fact, in many instances, figuring out which tool to use isn't at all straightforward. On the contrary, doing so takes careful consideration and strategic decision making. To make things easier, here are a few tips from an experienced cutting tool supply company.

Form a committee.

As mentioned, choosing the right cutting tools requires strategic decision making – a task that is rarely performed alone. For a manufacturing operation to run smoothly, deciding which tools to invest in and utilize should involve input from each department that those tools may impact (i.e. production, engineering, etc.). Forming a committee and gathering insight from various sources allows each department to convey their needs, requirements, and concerns prior to selecting both a cutting tools distributor as well as the tools themselves.

Work with your supplier.

Developing a relationship with your cutting tools supply company may be more important than you realize. Rather than simply picking a distributor and ordering your tools, you should rely on your supplier to provide educational andinformational materials on the various tools and technologies they offer as well. In other words, you should view your cutting tools distributor more as a partner who is there to offer support and guidance; someone who can help you choose the ideal tools for your needs. After all, nobody knows tools and equipment better than the ones who design them.

Weigh the total cost.

As with any investment or purchasing decision, selecting the right cutting tools for your shop should also involve a thorough analysis of cost. Remember, it's not just the upfront expenditure that you must measure, but also the total operational costs associated with using the tool, as well as ongoing maintenance and other requirements. For instance, certain types of blades are more advancedand therefore are recommended for use with only certain types of saws. All ofthese factors must be taken into account when analyzing total cost of ownership.

Specifically, decision-makers should keep the following key considerations in mind:

  • Upfront costs plus ongoing operating and maintenance costs
  • Intended use of machine/equipment/tool and its projected long-term productivity
  • Life expectancy of equipment and blades
  • Cost per cut

Again, this is where working with a trusted cutting tools distributor who can help ensure that all of your bases are covered and no key information is missed can help.

When it comes to choosing the right tools for your operation, the decision should not be taken lightly – particularly given the investment required. By gathering insight from the right individuals and department representatives, accurately calculating the costs and choosing the right cutting tool supply company, you can ensure that your investment and its outcome will be well worth it.

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What to Look for When Comparing Cutting Tools Manufacturers

When it comes to cutting tools manufacturers, there are almost as many to choose from as there are actual tools and equipment. Figuring out which supplier to work with can be nothing short of overwhelming. It can be helpful to know what key characteristics to look for in a quality cutting tool Supply Company. If you're in the market for a new supplier, here are a few things that can help you determine which option is best.


Generally speaking, the longer a company has been in business, the more trustworthy they are. For instance, unlike many of the newer cutting toolsmanufacturers to recently enter the market, Suncoast Precision Tools has been in business since 1963. That means we know all there is to know about cutting tools and have been delivering exceptional products and service to our customers formore than 50 years.

Good Rating

Most cutting tools manufacturers will boast about how good their service is. But what really matters isn't what a tool company says about itself. It's what others have to say about it. At Suncoast Precision Tools, we are proud of the stellar reviews we have on both Google and Facebook. We also have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. In other words, you don't have to take our word for it. Our rating speaks for itself.

Competitive Pricing

Just because you want a quality tool, doesn't mean you should have to pay top dollar. Some cutting tools manufacturers mark up their products so much that it's almost painful to do business with them. At Suncoast, we don't think that's fair. That's why we offer everyday affordable prices as well as regular sales and promos. (We even have a page dedicated to liquidations where you can really snag some amazing deals.)Bottom line: we don't believe that you should have to sacrifice quality for price, and we also don't think investing in good cutting tools and other industrial equipment should break the bank.


When you need a tool, chances are you need it as quickly as possible. When evaluating cutting tools manufacturers, be sure the one you choose offers a solid product inventory. For instance, at Suncoast, we offer the option of choosing from either our 24k+ stock in-house or 620k+ products direct from the factory. Shipping is always fast and hassle-free. That means we can get you the precise tool you're looking for quickly so you can put it to use as soon as possible.


When it comes to cutting tools manufacturers, not all the tools are created equal. Before you invest your hard earned money into new tools or equipment, make certain that the supplier you choose meets all of the criteria listed above. This will ensure that you end up with quality products quickly and a partner you can trust for all of your future tooling needs.

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