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How To Choose The Best Quality Tools For The Job

If any project is going to be completed to the best possible standard, it starts with choosing the best quality tools. That advice is fairly obvious, however, the problem arises when that choice isn't a clear cut on to make.

best quality tools

When it comes to cutting through metal the market for machine tool supply has never been broader. This, coupled with the wealth of factors to consider when choosing which tool suits, make it a very difficult decision to make. In the past it has always been the case that bi-metal band saws have been used to cut through the easier materials such as aluminum.

However, the market has now been exposed to technology advancement in the form of carbide-tipped saw blades specifically designed for the same purpose. This means new businesses and even old ones have to make a judgment call as to whether to upgrade or buy into the newer tech.

Making a judgment call such as this and many others like it is not an easy decision. We've put together a few helpful tips in order to make sure you stay informed and happy with your purchase.

Speak to Your Team

Don't Do It Alone

Speak to your team, listen to what the specific requirements of both this project and potential future jobs are and how each type of tool will meet these challenges or find itself lacking. You could have the greatest machine tool supply in the world but if it doesn't get the job done it's not much use at all. Reach out to every department and talk to them, detailing the options being considered and see how the choice may impact their workload.

Speak To The Supplier

Speak To The Supplier

Whether you shop with us at Suncoast Precision Tools or somewhere else, it should be the case that the staff there are intimately aware of the products and how they can benefit you and your business. If you detail the size and scale of the things you are most often working on they can recommend the best of their stock and the machine tool supply that works best for others working in similar industries. It may be that they can even offer short-term trial runs or additional training on the use of the new tools. Opening a dialogue and creating a relationship is key to business success.

Cost and Value

Cost and Value

With any big purchasing decision, it's important to take into account not only the price upfront but also the future upkeep, maintenance and operational costs. Whilst you might save a little choosing a cheaper option now, if it's not fit for purpose, you'll end up spending a lot more down the line. Choosing the best quality tools, not always the cheapest, will mean the upkeep price stays down and the tools will last much longer.

We know that quality service is the most important factor and value our customer satisfaction above all else. Our website is designed to provide in-depth and up to date information on all products and our knowledgeable and friendly staff are waiting to offer any assistance needed. Give us a call today to find out how we can meet all of your machine tool supply needs.