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How to Choose the Right Industrial Supply Company

Finding the right industrial supply company for your business isn’t always easy. In fact, with so many manufacturers on the market today, coupled with the advent of global online sales, figuring out which one is the right fit for your needs, your budget, and your business can be quite a challenge. If you are looking for a new supplier of industrial tools and equipment, and are unsure of which direction to take, here are a few pointers to help you make a more informed decision.

Look for a partner.

PartnerAs mentioned, the internet has made it faster and easier than ever to purchase everything your business needs, including industrial tools and equipment. The problem is, popping in and ordering directly from a catalog may result in the selecting the wrong tool for your application. This is why it’s so important to establish a working relationship with a reputable industrial supply company. That way you’ll have specialists you can turn to who can guide you through your options and help you make the right choice.

Check order fulfillment and delivery timeline.

Delivery TimelineBefore ordering any industrial tools and equipment, it’s an imperative that you fully understand the delivery process. Not every industrial supply company will offer the same timeline. For instance, it can take a significant amount of time to get an order delivered from some of the larger brands in the marketplace – especially if you’re running a smaller business. Knowing what to expect can help you avoid choosing a supplier that will delay your projects and cause disruption to your schedule.

Consider pricing.

PricingLike fulfillment and distribution differences, not every industrial supply company is going to offer the same price points for their products. You’ll obviously want to find a manufacturer or supplier that offers the pricing that suits your budget. Keep in mind, however, that the lowest cost option isn’t always the best. Poor quality industrial tools and equipment can end up costing you far more in the long run than investing in quality products upfront. Be careful and do your homework.

Look for other ways to reduce supply costs.

Reduce Supply CostsRather than going with the cheapest option available, it’s wiser to choose a reputable industrial supply company instead, the one that routinely offers special promotional pricing and liquidation sales. This can help you reduce your supply costs significantly without having to sacrifice the quality of the tools and equipment you’re purchasing. Likewise, placing bulk orders whenever possible is another way to cut costs while maintaining optimal quality and performance.

Place appropriate value on experience.

ExperienceSadly, there are far too many fly-by-night operations that have flooded the industrial supply marketplace over the past decade or so. You want to make sure that the tools and equipment you purchase are not only of the highest caliber but also backed by a supplier that is experienced and reputable. As such, you should look for companies that are established and have solid reviews. Suncoast Precision Tools has been in business since 1963 and we are proudly accredited by the BBB.

Still unsure?

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5 Safety Tips for Working with Industrial Tools and Equipment

As an established industrial supply company, we've amassed quite a bit of knowledge and expertise surrounding the topic of safety. After all, the safety of our customers is our top priority. That being said, there are certain things that are out of our control once our tools and equipment leave our facility and begin being put to use in the field. To help ensure that you and your team remain as safe as possible and avoid any potentially serious and costly accidents, here are five critical safety tips to keep in mind.

1. Keep all tools in good, working condition.

When you first receive your tools, they should work perfectly - just as they were designed for. Over time, however, industrial tools and equipment that are not properly maintained can become hazardous. This is especially true with cutting tools. As such, we recommend establishing and implementing a formal maintenance policy. This will not only help to prevent potential accidents, but it will also help you to get the most out of your investment.

2. Always use the right tool for the job.

When it comes to industrial tools and equipment, the options are many. In a larger sized operation with a wide variety of tools, it can be tempting to grab the closest one, even if it's not necessarily ideal for the job at hand. But doing so could not only result in shoddy workmanship, it could also increase the likelihood of a safety incident. Make sure all team members understand that using only the right tool for the job is acceptable in your shop.

3. Perform audits and avoid using damaged tools.

Prior to use, it's wise to spend a few moments examining the tool at hand to ensure that it's still in good working order. This can help avoid potential mishaps once the tool is in use. In the event that any damage is discovered, the tool in question should be taken out of production and either repaired or replaced.

4. Only operate tools according to manufacturers' instruction.

Just as you should only use tools that are specifically designed for the job being performed, you should also only operate those tools as they were meant to be operated, per the manufacturers' instructions. Industrial tools and equipment can be very dangerous if not utilized in the proper manner. What's more, if the misuse results in damage to the tool, it could negate any warranties that may exist. If you're unsure of how to use a certain tool, contact your industrial supply company for assistance.

5. Use appropriate protective gear.

Anyone operating industrial tools or equipment should be outfitted with the appropriate safety gear, such as gloves or goggles. Again, if you are unsure about which type of gear is necessary for protection with each tool, the industrial supply company with whom you work should be able to provide guidance. Remember—when it comes to safety, you can never be too careful.

Do you have questions or concerns about your tools or equipment? Contact us today. We're happy to help!

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