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Lyndex Nikken

Company History

Together, Lyndex and Nikken represent the best of both sides of the manufacturing industry: extreme quality and advanced technology. But while Lyndex-Nikken has a long history of success, its roots actually come from two different companies.

Lyndex Corporations

Founded in 1979 in Glenview, Illinois, Lyndex Corporation set the standard for quality toolholding in the United States as a supplier of 5C and R8 collets. Over the years, Lyndexs product line evolved to include a vast selection of toolholding and accessories. With a commitment to quality products and excellent customer service, Lyndex garnered industry-wide respect as a trusted source for toolholding and metalworking accessories.

Nikken Japan

Nikken Kosakusho Works, Ltd. was established in Japan a half century ago and has a rock solid reputation there as the number one manufacturer of toolholders and machine tool accessories.

Established by Masakazu Matsumoto, a top name in Japan's tool market, Nikken has been a market leader in various industries such as aerospace, automotive and ultra precision machining since the company was created in 1958. Nikken is committed to technological advancement and customer satisfaction.